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Online  Giving

Why Give Online?


We know that life can be so busy and therefore our aim is to serve you and to make giving easier as you juggle work, kids, the family vacation, and all the hundreds of other things you do.  You may be laying out on the beach on vacation listening to GVC podcasts and from the convenience of your lawn chair you can give online.  The bottom line is we want to simplify church and help you as you faithfully honor God in your giving.

  • It helps simplify life

  • It allows you to give consistently, even when you're not at church

  • it allows you to focus on the service when you're at church

What does my giving do for others?

  •  Every week more kids and teenagers are being taught that God loves them and that their identity is found in Christ.

  •  Every week men and women are learning they matter to God and finding purpose in their lives.

  •  Every week people are being saved from addictions and finding help to move forward.

  •  Every week marriages and families are being restored.

  •  Every week hope and help is being brought to the needy, both locally and globally. 

How to give?

You can use online giving three ways (debit card, automatic withdrawal or credit card) to make a one-time contribution or set up a recurring schedule for your tithe and/or Offerings. 


For assistance in using this portal, please email us at support@gvchurch.tv